What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

Blood sugar level in your body is in a regular flux. If you are healthy, your body produces the right amount of insulin from your pancreas leading to normal blood sugar level. If you are afflicted with diabetes however, your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or fails to use glucose effectively resulting in insulin resistance. As such, blood glucose level shots up, exerting pressure on your organs and nerves. This causes permanent damage.



What Is Meant By Normal Blood Sugar?

Blood glucose level is the concentration of glucose in your blood. It means if you are healthy, glucose level should measure 4.0 to 5.5 mmol/1 before a meal. It must also measure less than 8.00 mmol/1 two hours after a meal. It is vital to understand your normal blood sugar level to prevent or manage diabetes. Regular tests, including a glucose fasting blood test, need to be part of your regime during health care professional visits.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

High blood sugar level arises when diabetes remains uncontrolled. Typically, a dry mouth, thirst, tiredness and blurred vision, frequent urination, and weight loss are symptoms you would experience. Occasional periods of mild high blood sugar levels are non-threatening. These may call for treatment or return to normal on their own. However, severe episodes could lead to a coma. This means a regular blood sugar test and a normal fasting blood glucose level test are critical.

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Low blood glucose arises when the level falls below 4 mmol/1. Symptoms include hunger, feeling flushed or warm, sweaty and tremulous, and palpitations. Should blood glucose fall lower, confusion, aggressive behavior, irritability, seizure and a coma result.

Results of Uncontrolled Blood Sugar

Poor blood glucose level control leads to health complications. Over several years, blood vessels in your legs, kidney, eyes, and your nerves become damaged. This leads to gangrene and peripheral vascular diseases. A stroke and a heart attack are other results.

Testing And Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

An HBA1C glucose test determines your average normal blood sugar levels within the last three months. Results are measured as a percentage. A normal result falls below 5.7 percent.

A blood glucose test including, a fasting glucose test, lets healthcare professionals find pre-diabetes, prevent, or delay type-two diabetes. The results also enable the professionals to give you appropriate counsel regarding lifestyle changes to manage pre-diabetes and diabetes. Healthcare professionals use this test or in conjunction with other diabetes tests for diagnosis purposes. These include the oral glucose tolerance and glucose challenge tests. You need not fast prior to having your blood drawn for the test. This means anytime of the day and fasting blood glucose levels are appropriate for blood drawing.

The nurse may carry out the test during early pregnancy for women with risk factors and undiagnosed diabetes prior to pregnancy, besides fasting blood tests. Should gestational diabetes arise, testing needs to take place between twenty-four and twenty-eight weeks of your pregnancy.


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