Find out What's Wrong in Your Urine

Find out What’s Wrong in Your Urine

Are you aware that a host of medical conditions can simply be determined from a urine test? Are you aware that a simple dipstick test can be used to screen a number of disorders such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Doctors and other medical practitioners all over the globe have been using this simple procedure for quite a while now to diagnose and subsequently treat life-threatening diseases affecting millions of people globally.

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What is a Dipstick Test?

Dipstick test is one of the fastest ways of testing urine. The process usually involves dipping a specially sterilised paper strip into a sample of a patient’s urine. The results will be available in less than three minutes. This test is done in the doctor’s room and urine samples don’t have to be sent to the laboratory unless the test results are abnormal.

Urine Characteristics

The odour, colour, and the amount of urine may be an indicator as to whether something is wrong or not. In the event that an individual passes little and very dark urine, then there is a likelihood that he or she has had too little to drink or the kidney are not functioning as they should. Flaky or cloudy urine, on the other hand, could be an indicator of urinary tract infection. Urine that appears reddish in colour may mean that there might be some blood in it. In order to find out more, urine will be tested using test strips.

Results of Urine Dipstick Test

Urine test strip or dipstick test can monitor minor or rapid changes in a patient’s urine. It can detect blood that is not normally found in urine, indicating diseases. Urine strip test results also measure ketones that are also not found in urine and an indicator of diabetes. Other medical conditions that can be relayed by simple urine strip tests include urobilinogen or bilirubin, proteins, nitrite and leukocyte esterase among others. All these can be used to monitor health changes in a patient’s urine and subsequently device ways of treating them way too much early.

If you see that your urine is changing in colour or odour, please contact us here to test it.




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