Where do I find U-Care Medical Centres?

U-Care Medical Centres are based in Johannesburg (Park Station), Soweto (Meadowlands, Zone 9), Carletonville and Kabokweni, Mpumalanga. Please let us know, if you think that there is an opportunity closer to you.

What services does U-Care provide?

U-Care provides a unique combination of health care services tailored to the worker at home and at work. This includes primary health services, GP services, women’s clinic, men’s clinic, LGBTIAQ+ health services, dentistry, optometry, X-ray services, podiatry, ante natal care, psychology, physiotherapy and other services. Please refer to our services page for more details.

Our Reach

We currently run U-Care Medical Centres in Johannesburg Park Station, Soweto (Meadowlands), Carletonville and Kabokweni, Mpumalanga.  Park Station hosts our biggest medical centre and provides multi-disciplinary primary and secondary healthcare and occupational health services. The centre also provides diagnostic services, minor surgical procedures, as well as comprehensive reproductive health services. Please refer to our Centres page for more details.


Why the name “U-Care”?

At U-Care you take responsibility and care. Our patients come to see us because they care for their and their families’ health and want to be empowered to take the right action to improve it.

Why are we so affordable?

We believe that health care should not break the bank. We are consistently working on our processes to ensure that they are efficient and cost effective. We also make sure that our suppliers share our ambition to provide affordable rates. Our existing patients will attest to the fact that this has even improved our quality of service! We are able to consistently deliver world class health care at affordable rates.


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