Which pregnancy test is hassle-free and accurate?

Which pregnancy test is hassle-free and accurate?

In the event that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, it is vital that you undertake a pregnancy test right away. But again, what kind of test should you use? Which pregnancy test is the best? Do you think that you can rely on home pregnancy tests or you feel that you need to find your way to the doctor’s office to find your results? If you are in the dark, this article will open your eyes concerning the lowdown regarding both clinic and home pregnancy tests. Don’t stress yourself! Avoid all the hassles that come with false positives and repeated tests by finding out how pregnancy test work, how pregnancy test cost, and matters such as pregnancy test calculator among others.


Pregnancy Test: How does it Work?

How pregnancy tests work is simple as it involves detecting what is known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone that can only be found in pregnant women. Such hormones continue to rise with the progress of your pregnancy. Of importance to note is that both pregnancy urine test and a pregnancy blood test can detect the presence of hCG. Of importance to note is that a home pregnancy test can also be used using salt or sugar. A pregnancy test with salt or pregnancy test with sugar is whereby salt or sugar is used to detect pregnancy. Using salt, after urine is collected in a bowl and an amount of salt added in it, a milk cheese-like formation indicates the positive results. Using sugar, if the urine is poured into a bowl containing sugar and the sugar dissolves, then there is no pregnancy.


Several Types of Pregnancy Tests

Normally, there are two main types of pregnancy tests that are used to detect whether a woman/girl is pregnant or not. There’s the urine test and the blood pregnancy test. The main advantage associated with pregnancy urine test is that you can carry it out in the privacy of your home using a pregnancy test kit. On the other hand, a pregnancy blood test has to be performed by a medical practitioner with expertise in detecting hCG levels in pregnant women’s blood.


Pregnancy Test Accuracy and Costs

How accurate are pregnancy tests? And how much does a pregnancy test cost? Over the years, accuracy concerning pregnancy tests has improved significantly. Both blood and urine pregnancy tests are as accurate to the extent of producing results that are 99% accurate. Home pregnancy tests are about 97% accurate clinic tests turning out to be 99% accurate. Regarding the cost, a pregnancy kit test is easily affordable and cheaper to purchase. In the hospitals, you won’t be charged a lot for such a procedure. A pregnancy test price should not be something that scares you away.


Where and when a pregnancy test can be taken

Pregnancy tests can be carried out in many places such as pharmacies and clinics. When pregnancy test can be taken is usually recommended to be the first month after a woman misses her period. It is also recommended to use a pregnancy test calculator especially regarding home pregnancy tests for the best pregnancy test results. Are you aware that there is a pregnancy test app? Better yet, do you know that there is a home pregnancy online test to determine pregnancy? Lastly, do you want to keep your pregnancy memorable? Pregnancy test pictures taken during your months of pregnancy could be a life savior.


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